2022~High Holidays~5783

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Floral Fund Contributions- Last Year 2021 -5782

We acknowledge with gratitude the following contributions:

In loving memory of beloved parents and grandparents, Jonas & Mildred Lang from Lois, Gregg & Emma Spath and Lisa Lang
In memory of Eugene & Miriam Sims, Murray & Bev Sims and Emil & Frankie Alinikoff from Sally & Steve Alinikoff, Betsy Zucker & Debbie Fried, Michael & Karen Weltman, Judy Weltman, Jayne & Mitchell Greenberg and Scott & Kay Sims
In loving memory of beloved parents & grandparents, Mildred & Jonas Lang and Lydia & Dr. Robert Berman from Sally, Frank & Jack Berman and Amy & Michael Monsegur
In memory of Joseph Cutler, Ethel T. Cutler, Isadore Reichlin, Sam Cutler, Ethel Reichlin, Eli-Agnes-Leah Cutler, Dr. Aaron S. Lisses from Charlotte Cutler
In memory of I. Charles Feldman, Rebecca & Samuel Feldman, Sylvia & Charles Feldman from Rosalie Feldman, Courtney, Barrett, Ashley & families
In memory of Gary Frank from Helen Frank
In memory of Estelle & Gerald Freedman and Eleanor & Milton Freedman from Nancy & Louis Freedman & family
In memory of Pauly Friedman and Anne Friedman Glauber from Sidney & Rob Friedman
In memory of beloved father, Boris Gurevich from Roman Gurevich
In memory of the Korson & Kornfeld families from Sandra Goldman
In memory of beloved Eva G. & Jacob S. Raub, Nathan & Esther Klein and Albert D. Cohen from Judy & Harvey Klein
In memory of parents Samuel & Ella Kluger, William S. & Hannah Kline, brother Dr. Sheldon H. Kluger, brother Robert A. Kline and niece Deborah Kline from Sue & Allan Kluger & family
In memory of Tillye, Rubin, Louis Henry & Stephen Greenberg, Lillian & Harold Lefkowitz and Barry Lefkowitz from Sandie Lefkowitz
In memory of beloved parents, Nona & Bob Libenson and Pearl & Arnold Kleinman from Iris & Steve Libenson
In memory of beloved parents, Dr. Herman M. Parris, Dr. Jacob Task, Henrietta Parris Task, Rose Wruble Meyer & Max Meyer from Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Meyer
In memory of Rose Wruble Meyer & Max Meyer and Ann & Nate Rosenthal from Joan & Marty Meyer
In memory of beloved husband, father & grandfather, Irving Moskow, C. Carl & Sylvia Weiss, & Samuel & Bessie Moskow from Judy Moskow, David, Lisa and Debbie
In memory of Ruth & Sidney Greenwald and Joan & Herbert Rittenberg from Lois & Michael Rittenberg & family
In memory of beloved father and grandfather, Arnold Messinger from Dan & Jane Messinger, Myer & Shana Messinger, and Henry Messinger
In celebration of our the birth of granddaughter Sophie Aria Messinger from Dan & Jane Messinger
In memory of beloved parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, Bertha Bishop Saidman & Dr. Lester Saidman and Sarah Saidman from Dr. David & Carol Greenwald & Family, Allan Saidman & Alana Smart & Family, Sheila Saidman & Dr. Steve Kafrissen & Family, and Dr. Bruce & Melissa Saidman
In memory of beloved son, brother and uncle, Paul Howard Kafrissen from Steven Kafrissen, Jody, Michael, Zoe & Amelia Brown, David & Liam Kafrissen and Amy, Mike, Aleni & Maya Kaupp
In memory of beloved parents, David & Leona Kafrissen from Dr. Steven Kafrissen
In memory of beloved sister, Dr. Ruth Horwitz from Dr. Steve Kafrissen & Sheila Saidman
In memory of Debbie Schonfeld from Jane & Dan Messinger
In memory of Muriel & Ralph Klein and Bertha & Martin Rosenthal from Pat & Richard Rosenthal & Family
In memory of Sam & Isabelle Savitz and Jesse Izenberg from Jill & Jack Savitz & family
In memory of beloved husband Seymour Schoenholtz from Jeanne Schoenholtz & family
In memory of beloved parents, grandparents & great-grandparents, Robert & Shirley Fortinsky from Jill Schwartz & Family
In memory of our beloved parents Bob & Linda Williams from Molly Williams & Matt Reisinger
Happy New Year from Alan Frank
Happy New Year from Nancy Harris
Happy New Year from Sally Connor & family
Happy New Year from Sherry Goldwein