Book Club

In 2002 the Temple Israel Book Club was started.  It has now grown to include readers who are part of the general community.  We have read over 100 books covering a variety of themes.  Some are historical fiction, memoirs, Jewish themes, multi-generational stories, relationship issues and, recently, we are, including current, non fiction, topical books.  For many years we met in people’s homes for dessert and coffee but, in recent years, we are meeting at a local restaurant and combining discussion with dinner.  Often members bring items of interest from the internet which spur thought provoking discussions.  The most important feature of this book club is that everyone is respectful of different opinions, everyone loves to read and we always have lots of fun together.  Members are welcome to bring guests and we are always delighted when new people join us.  
Meetings are generally held on Mondays or Wednesdays, in person, at Theo’s Metro, Luzerne.  If COVID levels rise meetings are held virtually via ZOOM. 
For more information about the Book Club, email us, or call the Temple Israel office  at 570-824-8927