Israel Emergency Relief

Help send food to Israeli soldiers and to help those hit hardest to rebuild their communities


On Tuesday Evening, October 10th, at our “United We Stand” solidarity gathering at the Friedman JCC, Einat Davidowitz spoke with us via ZOOM from her home in Israel. She was quoted in today’s newspapers explaining the horror and terror and atrocities. She told us we can help financially by sending directly to the Kibbutzim and towns that were hit hardest by Hamas, where those who survived will need to rebuild practically from scratch. There are local Israeli GoFundMe-type donation sites that we will send money to as a congregation.

Our favorite tour guide, Scranton raised Lee Glassman also spoke to us (at 2:00 am Israel time) and shared his pride in his daughter Kim and her husband Josh Goldfarb for responding with immediate help for Israeli soldiers.

Kim was also in today’s papers. She told us that she texted a friend in the army and asked, “How can we help? And they said, ‘You can send 100 sandwiches- the army food is, you know!’ And we answered, ‘We’re on it.’ So she and her family and some friends began making sandwiches- tuna, meat, hummus, peanut butter, matbucha (I have no idea what that is), fresh veggies and Doritos and chips and drinks for 100 soldiers in that unit, and delivered them as the sirens were going off and the soldiers on the front near Gaza were digging in.”

She ended by saying to the soldiers: “May the food and collective efforts nourish and strengthen you. And may you return safely home to your families.”

We at Temple Israel will donate specifically to these campaigns and efforts.  We will keep you informed of where our donations will be sent as the crisis unfolds.

To make a donation CLICK HERE and select “Israel Emergency Relief” or send your checks payable to Temple Israel to our administrative offices located at 613 SJ Strauss Lane, Kingston, PA 18704

Thank you,

Rabbi Larry Kaplan