President’s Message

Posted on August 25, 2023


I hope this message finds you well as we embrace the chaotic Spring season in NEPA.  In addition to a warming of the weather and flowers blooming, to Jews, Spring is also the season of Passover.  I hope your seder is a joyous one filled with family, tradition, and a continual appreciation of our collective journey. Come celebrate Passover with friends and family at the Community Seder, Monday, April 22nd, at the Friedman JCC.

We look forward to reuniting with members of our Temple family who choose to head to warmer climates during the winter months……your customary seats await you in the sanctuary.  For others, we hope you consider these coming months as an opportunity to be lifted out of the doldrums of the dark and cold winter days. Our magnificent sanctuary, filled with the warmth of community, is the perfect place to refresh and reflect on our lives and celebrate our blessings as members of Temple Israel.

The calendar of Temple Israel is filled with upcoming opportunities to gather with friends both new and old…to worship….to learn….to celebrate.  Join us on April 13th as we honor those members who serve our community in field of wellness of the mind, body, and soul… the Healthcare Shabbat. On April 20th our Midrasha students will join us to participate in all aspects of the Shabbat service.  The youthful junior congregation is always a welcome addition. At that service we will acknowledge and give a good send off to our Midrasha Principal, Rabbis Eric Mollo and Carolan Glatstein of Temple B’nai B’rith who will be ending their tenure here in Kingston in May.

While Spring is considered a time for renewal, certain traditions are always welcome. Such is the case as Temple Israel once again recognizes those in our esteemed legal community on May 18th at Law Day Shabbat. Of course, all of these special services will be followed by Kiddush in the vestry.

My hope is that this seasonal change should not only warrant an adjustment of your wardrobe….but also includes an adjustment of your schedule to join your Temple Israel family for services, simchas, educational opportunities and more. 

See you in Shul …                                                       

                                      -Dan Messinger