President’s Message

Posted on August 25, 2023

As Summer comes to a close in NEPA, I hope all congregants are enjoying our seasonal changes. If ” variety is the spice of life”‘ then Mother Nature truly treasures variety as evidenced by the high/lows of this smokey and wet season. Remember though, the temperature and air quality in Temple Israel’s sanctuary is always comfortable….conducive to worship, reflection’ and friendly interaction. To that point, two special Shabbat services recently held at Temple were overflowing with joyous worship, solemn reflection, and warm communal interaction.
A New Member Shabbat filled our sanctuary. The Temple family warmly welcomed many new members with most receiving honors and sharing our Bimah as Rabbi Kaplan and Cantor Abraham creatively conducted the service. The following Kiddush showcased the true soul of Temple Israel as many long-time Temple members effortlessly socialized with new members creating the warm, welcoming environment.
June saw Temple Israel’s Annual Members Meeting was once again creatively integrated with a Shabbos morning service and kiddush. Rabbi, Cantor, Sally Strayhall and Jane Messinger ensured that this was a memorable occasion filling the sanctuary with soulful song and prayer and the vestry with lovely sights and delicious food. We owe a dept of gratitude to outgoing Board of Trustee member Mark Finkelstein, while welcoming Jody Nogin, Michael Yelen, and Past President Joe Mitchneck. The Temple family says Yasher Koach to the executive officers and all board members both past and present.
Both occasions are significant in that although the trying times of these past few years are hopefully in the rear view mirror, their effects still linger… the loss of that much-needed human connection an obvious symptom. Let these special events, coupled with Temple Israels regular programming and service serve as a continual antidote….come for the service; stay for the connection.
See you in Shul…

Dan Messinger