President’s Message

Posted on December 1, 2021

Dear Friends,

Spring is in the air… a time of reviving, regeneration, and renewal. The flowers bloom, the weather begins to warm up and there is a sense that the relaxed days of the summer are quickly approaching.
To Jews, Spring is also synonymous with Passover. I hope that this Passover gave you a chance to gather with family and friends and reflect on our collective past as well as new beginnings. One hundred people joined us at our Community Seder at the Friedman JCC. It was a true community event.
The upcoming months will see the weather heating up as will opportunities to renew your sense of engagement with members of Temple Israel. Join us on April 18th at the Friedman JCC for a moving Holocaust Remembrance Concert featuring the acclaimed Arcadia Chorale. Then, on Sunday, April 23rd, a day-long Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebration (Israel Independence Day) at the Friedman JCC, highlighted by a musical performance by Rabbi Or Zohar.
Many other activities are planned in our sanctuary providing a wonderful opportunity to revive your spirit and regenerate your commitment. Come connect with old friends and meet some new ones as Temple Israel will host a Welcome New Members Oneg Shabbat on April 21st. Since 2020, we have been fortunate to welcome nearly 40 member families into the Temple Israel fold. Come join as we warmly welcome them all. Also, May 6th will see the return of Law Day Shabbat to our sanctuary. Please check the Chronicle for more information about upcoming programming and special life-cycle events.
I encourage you to attend services in our magnificent sanctuary. This has been the post-covid challenge. Since every challenge is also an opportunity, let’s collectively look at this Spring season this way….many people now appreciate the importance of physical community as never before….so from the perspective of outreach and Temple growth, the months ahead will present a significant opportunity to put your congregation’s best foot forward. There is nothing wrong with people watching services online. If there was, we would
not give them the option. We are grateful that you take the time and effort to watch our service instead of doing any of the wide variety of other options that are available. However, I now ask you to take the chance to ignite a spark of faith and commitment. The season of Spring is absolutely time to take the next step back on the long path to normalcy… renew the familiar comfort of prayers and the warm greetings from fellow congregants.
I will save you a good seat. See you in Shul.
Dan Messinger