Women’s League

For many years, the Women’s League of Temple Israel (WLTI) provided a fluctuating calendar of religious, educational, social, community service, and fund-raising events. As an affiliate of The Women’s League of Conservative Judaism, the WLTI supports world Jewry through scholarships and projects in Israel. But their first love, and chief responsibility, was to Temple Israel.

 Mission Statement:

  • To bring the community of the women of Temple Israel of Wilkes-Barre into closer association and cooperation with one another through educational, cultural, and social action programming and activities.
  • To support and further the goals of Temple Israel of Wilkes-Barre congregation and religious school.
  • To serve and promote Judaism and humanitarian causes for the Conservative Jewish Movement.
  • To cooperate with the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism. This would include participation in the work of the Torah Fund and the Jewish Theological Seminary projects and activities to strengthen the relationship with Israel and the perpetuation of conservative/Masorti Judaism.

Through the dedicated efforts of it’s members, they continually supported our Temple in many capacities.  This support showed up in donations for the betterment of the Temple and  programs which reached out to all segments of the Temple Israel community.

WLTI efforts included:

  • Coordinating the Challah and Honey Bag Sale
  • Managing the Chanukah Raffle
  • Participating in the Torah Fund Campaign of Women’s League
  • Sponsoring annual events such as Women’s League Shabbat and the Card Party and Mah Jong Fundraiser
  • Sponsoring other events as determined by the membership that reflect Sisterhood’s religious, educational, social, community service, and fundraising focus