High Holiday Floral Fund

Floral Fund Contributions-  2022 -5783

We acknowledge with gratitude the following contributions:

In memory of Joseph Cutler, Ethel T. Cutler, Isadore Reichlin, Sam Cutler, Ethel Reichlin, Eli-Agnes-
Leah Cutler, Dr. Aaron S. Lisses from Charlotte Cutler

In loving memory of Maynard, Helen, Judy, Max and Jay Finkelstein from Mark, Janet, Steven,
Gillian & Katie Finkelstein

Happy New Year from Alan Frank

In memory of Howard Kayton from David, Lisa, Kelsey & Harrison Kayton

In memory of parents Samuel & Ella Kluger, William S. & Hannah Kline, brother Dr. Sheldon H.
Kluger, brother Robert A. Kline and niece Deborah Kline from Sue & Allan Kluger & Family

In memory of beloved father and grandfather, Arnold Messinger from Dan & Jane Messinger, Myer &
Shana & Sophie Messinger, and Henry Messinger

In memory of beloved parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, Bertha Bishop Saidman & Dr.
Lester Saidman and Sarah Saidman from Dr. David & Carol Greenwald & Family, Allan Saidman &
Alana Smart & Family, Sheila Saidman & Dr. Steve Kafrissen & Family, and Dr. Bruce & Melissa
Saidman & Family

In memory of beloved son, brother and uncle, Paul Howard Kafrissen from Steven Kafrissen, Jody,
Michael, Zoe & Amelia Brown, David & Liam Kafrissen and Amy, Aleni & Maya Kaupp

In memory of beloved parents, David & Leona Kafrissen from Dr. Steven Kafrissen

In memory of beloved sister, Dr. Ruth Kafrissen Horwitz from Dr. Steven Kafrissen & Sheila Saidman

In memory of Debbie Schonfeld from Jane & Dan Messinger

In honor of Noah, Samantha, Brett, Nora, Alana, Brie and Derek from Joe & Bedonna Mitchneck and
Hal Levine

In memory of Muriel & Ralph Klein and Bertha & Martin Rosenthal from Pat & Richard Rosenthal &

In memory of beloved grandparents Max & Rose Meyer, Dr. Herman Parris & Jack & Henrietta Parris
Task from Arthur & Barbara Meyer & Family

In memory of the Korson & Kornfeld families from Sandra Goldman

In memory of Sam & Isabelle Savitz and Jesse Izenberg from Jill & Jack Savitz & Family

In memory of our beloved parents Marvin & Charlotte Livingston and Barbara & Meyer Schwartz
from Dr. Kenny & Amy Schwartz & Family

In memory of Dr. Saul Mendelssohn from Leona Mendelssohn

In memory of Esther & Murray Bratkowsky, Sharon Zwirn, Bridget Burrows Ruder, Barbara Dove
Zwirn, Ethel & Harry Solomon, Ruth Hollander, Shirley Sullum and Susan Slominsky from Susan & Paul
Solomon, Dr. Andrew & Natalie Burrows & Gordon & the Ruder children



Make a donation to the High Holiday Floral Fund today. Announcements, Memorials and Simchas are all eligible to be included in your listing that will be distributed on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, and published on our website