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  • Clergy

    …married to Gerri, who is the Assistant Principal of Midrasha, our shared Hebrew school with Temple B’nai B’rith. They came to the Wyoming Valley in 1998 with five children and…

  • Book Club: Monday, Oct. 18

    …this book will take us to Oklahoma!   This past month we hit a milestone: completion of our 100th book! We  require that anyone who attends is fully vaccinated.  Our book

  • Book Club: Monday, July 18th

      Monday, July 18th UPDATE: 6pm via ZOOM Book Selection: The Rose Code  by Kate Quinn   Our book club is open to anyone, members and nonmembers alike! If you’re…

  • Book Club-July 18th 2022

      In 2002 the Temple Israel Book Club was started.  It has now grown to include readers who are part of the general community.  We have read over 100 books…

  • Book Club: Monday, March 14th

    …Morgan’s personal librarian, Belle da Costa Greene, the Black American woman who was forced to hide her true identity and pass as white in order to leave a lasting legacy…

  • Book Club: Monday, Jan. 10th

    …impossible journey through the ages could change everything…. Our book club is open to anyone-members and non-members alike!  If you’re interested in joining the Book Club please contact Ann Smith,…

  • President’s Message

    …and will share with you what you need to know. Please consider reaching out to the office to express your interest or to let us know you have time to

  • President’s Message

    …welcomed us with open arms to do anything needed to make their facility available to us in case we need it. Thank you to Gary Bernstein and everyone involved for…

  • Notes from Rabbi

    …and didn’t let their bread rise. That verse, Exodus 12:39 is filled with ambiguity and isn’t easily explained, yet the idea of rushing out of Egypt with no time to

  • Book of Remembrance