President’s Message

Posted on August 20, 2022


It is with great humility that I move into the role of President of the Board of Trustees. As we approach our Centennial, all of our Trustees, the clergy, and our staff optimistically look forward to once again, connecting with our members in our sanctuary.

I must first acknowledge my predecessor, Jeffrey Yelen. The past two years have been filled with apprehension and uncertainty concerning both operations and worship at Temple Israel. Jeff has guided our congregation through these stormy seas and placed us on solid ground- never losing focus on the best interests and well-being of our synagogue and its members.

In addition, a sincere Yasher Koach to our entire Board of Trustees, those whose terms have ended, and those who will be taking seats for the new term. I am pleased to have Larry Newman as our newly elected V.P of Congregational Engagement, and the following as new Trustees: Ilona Bruns, Beverly Berley, Atty. Johanna Gelb, Scott Green, Roman Gurevich, Kelsey Nataupsky and Richard Yelen. Our slate of Officers and Trustees are both competent, and most importantly, engaged in synagogue life. A complete list of ’22-’23 Officers and Trustees can be found on our website by visiting

The upcoming months will see a flurry of activity in our sanctuary. Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s, Bible and Bagels, High Holiday services, and of course our Centennial celebrations. It is with great enthusiasm that we return to our synagogue for these events.

We are thrilled to welcome the following new members to the Temple Israel family: Hope & Rachel Barsky, Bryan Bender & Family, Avery Bloom, Deborah Costanza, Howard & June Farber, Shell Farber, Linda Jacobson, Michael, Ashley & Hailey Tischler.

After careful consideration and for various reasons, it has been decided that this year we will not be charging any of our members for High Holiday tickets. We feel that after a 2-year hiatus from gathering and worshipping in our home, nothing should be an impediment towards attending. We welcome all members and sincerely hope to see all present.

As a congregation, we still have before us many challenges, but I take up this task with great hope. Hope, that we will continue to worship in our magnificent sanctuary. Hope, that the trauma of the pandemic we have lived through, this collective trauma, will heal. Hope, that once again, through the combined efforts of our clergy, our dedicated officers and trustees, our wonderful staff and volunteers, we will usher in the next century and once again fully, wholly, be the community that is Temple Israel.

Dan Messinger