Minyan Services: Part of the proud history of Temple Israel is our Minyan, which is our daily worship service. While we no longer have a daily service every morning, we still have one on Sundays (8am) and Mondays and Thursdays (7:15am) and every afternoon at 5:15 pm. These services are held in our newly renovated chapel, accessible through the rear parking lot by walking through the Sukkah. The entrance is on the rear South side of the Sanctuary.

Our morning services last about half an hour and are a basic, mostly Hebrew service including Shacharit (morning prayers and blessings including the Shema and Amidah) and Torah reading on Mondays and Thursdays. Evening services include the Afternoon (Mincha) service during the spring and summer months followed by the Evening (Ma'ariv) service or just Ma'ariv during the winter when the sun sets before 5:15. These services generally last about 20 minutes and also include the basic prayers along with some English readings. We also try to incorporate communal participation in our worship with certain parts of the service done aloud with transliterated prayers so everyone, even those whose Hebrew is rusty, can join in.

These morning and evening daily services not only provide a time to reflect on the day and our own relationship with God (the word Tefillah, prayer, literally means to look inward), but they provide a time for getting together with familiar faces, especially in the wake of the sadness of losing a loved one. The Kaddish, the prayer recited in memory of a loved one, is recited at each Minyan service. For many, this helps those who are grieving to keep moving forward to brighter days.

We are working to continue the concept of tradition and change with our Minyan services, to hopefully attract wider participation. In the meantime, there is always chocolate available so that the experience is a sweet one!

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